Creempuffs de la Mer

Okay, so yoo will need:


1/4 cup chicken (or fish) broth

1/8 cup unsalted budder

1/4 cup whole wheet flour

1 egg at room temp.

1 teaspoon dried catnip. (mumma uses moar!)


4 oz of ur faborite seafood.  Toona works great, just drain teh juice.

1 oz cream cheese, softened

1 tablespoon milk (a little less if ur seafood is runny)


Heet ups teh oven to 450.

Mix togevver milks and cream cheese until soft.  Mix in seafood and set aside.

On teh stovetop, place broth and budder on medium high heat and cook until it begins to boil.

Add flour and catnip and stir stir stir until it makes a ball around ur spoon.  Turns off teh heat and cool for a minute or two.  Add teh egg and whisk until smooth.

Drop batter by teaspoonful onto greased cookie tray.  Cook for about 11 minutes, or until they puff up and turn golden-brown.

When cool, cut teh puffs in half and fill wif seafood cream cheese mix.



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