A Sad Scout

I has a sad regarding the CatScouts third quest. I missed the best parts – the hiking wif everyone and the Snipe hunt wif the KitScouts – due to last minnit schedule conflicts. I know fings happen and fings change… but other peepul need to be flexible wif their plans, too. 😡

I already know I’ll be travelling on teh day of teh CatScout Jamboree, so please to keep your paws crossed that teh airplane has teh wifi.

And now, to get past teh sads, i’m reading teh Quest 3 Groop Pages. They are hilarious! What a fun and funny bunch of Scouts. I kant beleeve Buckaroo Foobar got DEMERITS! Hmmm… good fing he’s not name Buckaroo SNAFOO.

Dat’s all I got for now.



2 thoughts on “A Sad Scout

  1. Buckaroo got demoted back to being a KitScout. He escaped elebenty-seben times and tore up a bunch of toylet paypers and stuff. And he asked for a gurnade when we were snipe hunting!

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