Moar About Me and My Family

I live wif my biological mommacat and poppacat, Chloe and Indy. We were born feral. Also living wif us are two other kittehs from our colony, Pixel and Maya. Maya is Pixel’s mommacat. It took us a couple of years to get to know and trust our human typist, mum Melissa. We all came to live inside when one of teh neighbors started trapping and killing cats in the neighborhood. That neighbor didn’t care that we were all eartipped and part of a managed colony, or that we provided benefishal sevices to the neighborhood.
Chloe has a permanent limp from a previously sprained leg and she’s allergic to people. Indy loves pink colored toys and his unicorn blanket. They’re both super snuggly.
Maisy is a “foster failure”; she never made it out of our foster home. She fit in so well that we decided to make her a permanent addishun. She’s a self-black Maine Coon who likes to play Thundering Herd of Elephants up and down the stairs wif me in the mornings. She also lubs the tummy rubs!
Cliff is teh resident old mancat. He has been has been wif mum a long time, ever since she rescued him from the outside. He wasn’t born feral but was thrown away by people who didn’t want him anymore. He has lingering anxiety issues from his abandonment. He also has FIC (part of  FLUTD umbrella diagnosis). He’s equal parts brilliant and dense – he knows several tricks and responds to all of mum’s vocal commands… and he eats dirt. We like to sleep in sun puddles together.
Mum has learned a lot about feline health because of Cliff’s health issues. She spent the past five years researching FIC, stress, and cat food, and the relation of teh three to each other and to our health.
Our current foster is LittleLove. She hates most cats and people – except for Indy and mumma. Needless to say, she’s a very tough cat to place and is most likely going to stay wif us permanently.
My feral friend is Thistle. I like to bump heads wif her through the patio screen door. She got loose in our house in July and it took mum several days to get her re-trapped. There are a few moar ferals but they don’t come around regularly enough for me to get to know them.

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