Katrina and Mrs. Bentley

Mrs. Bentley works at Louisiana Loom Works in New Orleans, Louisiana. My mum met her a couple of years ago at teh store where Mrs. Bentley works.

Mrs. Bentley is a flame point siamese cat who was rescued nine years ago. Well, it’ll be nine years tomorrow or in the next few days, as she was rescued in the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina. She had been swimming for a long, long time when she wasn’t able to swim anymoar and slipped underwater.

Luckily for her, a man in a canoe was floating nearby. He saw her swimming, and moar importantly, saw her go under. He reached into teh water and felt around until he grabbed onto something. That something was Mrs. Bentley’s tail.

Mrs. Bentley made her way to teh V-E-T, then home with a stately senior Lady. Not long after, Mrs Bentley felt she needed to get out of teh house and get a job. Since her housemate spent a lot of time at teh store and there were other working cats in residence, it was a great fit. 

Louisiana Loom Works is located on Chartres Street in the French Quarter. The artists employ several kittehs for rodent control and public relations.

Mrs. Bentley ❤


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