So close but yet so far!

I attended teh CatScouts Jamboree last weekend. There was lots of sooper fun stuff to do that brought lots of us scouts closer together. Teh hardest activity wuz teh Knowledge Bowl.

This Knowledge Bowl was moar like a quiz. Teh winner would be teh most correct answers in teh shortest amount of time. I know most of teh trivias, so I went to town on dat. Timmy nailed teh semaphore guy’s message like a BOSS. Dezi and Wally were answering and scribing and keeping us all in line. We did well, but we didn’t win.

Too bad our communication wasn’t better. We could’ve won the thing! I have a photo of us having the right answers, but it wasn’t what we submitted. Better luck next time. I still love my patrol.

As usual, I was late. I need to work on getting people to respect mah schedule. But that is for another post.

I needs to sleep but I’m too wired. *starts purring*


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