Thanksgiving is Coming! Thanksgiving is Coming!

Last year, I made a presentation for teh CatScout High Counsel:

*clears throat*

It took the pilgrims many days to get to Plimmith. And once they got there, they stayed on the ship because of a rly bad winter, and finally in teh springtime they sed O HAI, I can has friendship? to Squanto teh Indian.

Squanto taught teh starving pilgrims how to grow corn and stuff like that. But Squanto’s kitteh taught all of teh English kittehs how to scratch maple trees and not get sap in yoor furs, open cans of toona, and not to bury their doody wif poisonous plants. He also helped them make moar friends with the nearby Wampanoag Indian tribe and not to get nommed by them.

After teh first successful corn harvest, Guvnor Willyum Bradford organized a beeg fancee feast and invited their new Wampanoag friends. The feest was full of yummeh things – corn stuffed squeekers, fresh burds, toona, and wheat & oat grass salads topped wif catnip. It was the first time a meal of this kind was had in teh USA. Usually the kittehs and the Indians had to eat outside and not at teh table using the gud china and silverware.

I’m thankful for all those who who strive to make homeless cats’ lives better. And I’m Thankful for mah family, and for catnip, and for mah Big Sleeky Scritcher in teh living room. And for CatScouts, because you all make me smile every day!

This year, I’m even more thankful I’ll tell you about it next!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is Coming! Thanksgiving is Coming!

  1. veree nice two meet everee one….we reeded yur interviews two day at mousebreath N troo lee enjoyed it….well, all but de partz bout burdz N chciknz. if ewe R ever over at blogland way, pleez feel free ta stop bye N help yur selves ta what bee cookin on de grill, it wont bee burd tho !!!!

    heerz two a halibut herring N haddock kinda week oh end ♥

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