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Mah Noo Friend, Fraysure.

Two weeks ago, I woked up in teh late afternoon to find a furreh green creechur in mahliving room. It smells like teh woods and it’s made of FUR!

What’s dat, Mum? Oh? I see.

So I just learned that it’s made of FIR, not FUR, and his name is Fraysure.

I was weirded out by Fraysure at first. Mum reminded me that Fraysure always sleeps over in our libbing room in December, and that hims is friendly, not skerry, and Not for climbingks. Fraysure is mah friend now; I really enjoy being near hims and often nap on his skirt.

I have another green friend named Marimo. She came to live wif us January 30, 2014 and she lives in teh office because she like teh sunlight and there are skylights in there. She’s pretty! I bet she’d be fun to play wif, too! Look:



Mousebreath Magazine and the Funny Farmer Felines

I was interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines for their Funny Farmer Friday Feature on Mousebreath Magazine!

Say dat three times fast! MOL

You can read it heer:

And more wonderful interviews wif blogging cats by the Funny Farmer Felines can be read at:

I has a feature!