Invitayshun to teh Dance!

I am SOSO excitered! I just got invited to teh Sadie Hawkins Valentime’s Day Dance at teh Tabby Cat Club! I was asked by a luvvly Ladycat named Lexi. I know Lexi thru her sisfer, Dezi. Dezi is a CatScout wif me. These ladycats have very important jobs as therapy cats!

While my heart will always belong to mah precious Winnie Girl, I know Winnie would want me to go and have fun. ❤

Here is Lexi:


She’ll be sixteen on April 29th!

7 thoughts on “Invitayshun to teh Dance!

  1. dood….thiz iz rockin way awesum !!! enjoy yur selves at de clubz dance, yes inn deed winnie wood a prove… N yez inn deed lexi is one gorgeouz gurl… as iz her sister dezi …N ya noe…lexi iz lee gull ta drive a car …16 N all…. ♥♥

    heerz two a mustard eel & marlin kinda week oh end ♥

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