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It’s Derby Time!


It time for the annual Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby!

This year, I’m driving with team Furrari. Let me talk yoo through tah car: This MK-II open wheeled racer takes into account the things that did not work so well in the prototype. The axles are run through the body for stability, less understeer, and a lower center of gravity. (Last year they were mounted along the underside of the car in tubes.) Inside are cardboard guards so that the driver’s tail or paws do not get pinched in the axel whilst it turns.

The overall weight is less due to the fasteners along the sides. They look like rivets but are made to secure cardboards together. This means there is no tape or adhesive on the body of the car.

The custom pipes are paper-mached (cardboard mached?) to the right shape and size for this V-12 purr machine. They are attached by teh cardboard fasteners and a bit of glue. (Cat friendly, of course.)

It’s tough to see in the photos is how glittery the engine block really is, but it is full-on glitter.

Also, this year’s derby entry is dedicated to my sisfur, Zoe, who went to the bridge last week. (ZoZo, let’s Motor! I’ll see you in Buffalo!)

CatScout Obi, Repurrting!

In case you don’t know, today is teh Cat Scout Cardwood Derby. I’ve entered mah sweet ride here: http://catscouts.mousebreath.com/groups/event-the-cardwood-derby/

It’s made of recycled and upcycled parts. We bought nothing for it, just got creative with what was around. And added blood, sweat, and purrs. My pit crew is some of mah housemates. Mah brofur, Cliff, was sooper interested in mah car. Mah Mommacat, Chloe, wanted to drive! And mah sisfur, Maya, helped with a lot of teh pre-race inspection!

If you’re not aware, Cat Scouts is a community of cats who are looking to make an impact on teh world by bettering themselves and establishing friendships. It’s a good time with a bunch of swell fellas! I highly encourage yoo to check it out – if you’re mancat enough!

Scout Obi.